Responsive Websites

OK, so… mobile website, responsive website… what’s the difference?

Well, people tend to confuse a mobile friendly website with a responsive website. The mobile website is designed for small resolution devices and they may not look good on larger ones. More often, the desktop version is different then the mobile one and last of them resides, usually, on a subdomain, such as

With responsive websites there is only one set of pages, same codebase, for a website and what’s changing is the way those pages adapt for various devices.

Why using a responsive design for my website?

Because it will drive more audience to your online presence. The dramatic rise in the number of people who use their mobiles and tablets for all their online activities, regardless if is shopping, researching, social networking or plain searches, is a fact that everybody is aware of. What it means from the maintenance standpoint? One website, with one set of code to update, so any changes or new functionality you implement to the desktop version are automatically available on mobile as well. It is also an industry standard so keep close, or even ahead of your competition.

Whether you are selling products online, promoting your services or running ads a responsive design can help you increase your traffic, make more conversion or earn more from your ads. Almost all websites can be made responsive, the cost depends on the complexity of website and platform that it is build.