Hello Dear World!

We’re setReflex!

We’re into software development business. It’s been 9+ years now. Enough time for us to learn. A lot. But not enough. So far, we kinda got a hold on mobile apps. All kind of them, for iOS and Android. Sorry, we didn’t have enough time so far for Windows and Blackberry. Or other mobile platforms for that matter. Oh, and we’re doing this by cross platform development. What the hack is that? Easy: writing code once ( mostly Javascript and HTML ) and deploying for both ( iOS and Android ) platforms. Why? Because it reduces the cost of development with almost 50% ( remember about one time development ). That means more money for your marketing. Or beer. Your choice 😉

Enough talking. Have a look at our portfolio and drop us a message to get in touch. We’ll talk more in step 2. That’s a promise!

Have a good one!